Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cover of the Day: Fantastic Four #212!



C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Jon, you must know by now how much I like this storyline, but this era--okay, 99% of 1970s FF--is often dismissed as it comes after the brilliance of the Lee-Kirby period. I'm sure that this stuff must've gotten thousands of us who were kids then excited about the book. It also happens to be bookended by the tremendous John Byrne 'bout posting some of JB's covers?

david_b said...

I'd agree.. Despite faint memories of the FF series of the 60s, I was really 'birthed' on the 70s FF, around when Medusa was an active member, and the Reed-Sue separation. 'Course the reprints kept my attention on the Kirby days. I loved John Buscema's rendition of the FF as much if not more than Kirby. The love's equal, just different styles. The Byrne years came later, after I stopped collecting. Thanks much!

Jon K said...

Well, the great thing about the 1970s for FF fans was that we had the best of both worlds... the new stuff in the regular title, plus the classic stuff in Marvel's Greatest Comics! I don't believe I started reading the FF while it was Lee-Kirby, myself.

And count me as a huge fan of the Byrne run, although I have to say I prefer that to the stuff between Kirby and him!

Simonson's run was pretty cool, too.

Jon K said...

Oh, and the Byrne era? That's right at the cut-off I typically use for my blogs... nice as it that stuff was!