Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cover of the Day: Fantastic Four 138!



david_b said...

Oh, you're TOO kind. There was ALWAYS something about how John Buscema drew Ben Grimm here that always drew you in..!?! THIS was the sole comic that started it all for me. Picture this:

Parents have me in the back of a car, on a 2-3wk trip through AZ and CA (no A/C) in July '73.., in an old Buick, and the only hope of comics were these old gas stations. Well, lo and behold, vaguely, yet lovingly remembering the old FF cartoon show of years past, I saw this issue in the comic rack. I swear, I logged hour/days/weeks reading this comic, all summer long. I 'hung' on every panel of classic John Buscema art.. Reed staying back, Ben taking charge, Medusa looking quite fine, Johnny being teased about his hair ~ This one had it ALL..!!

FUN, ACTION, backstory, an interesting (perhaps 2nd-rate) villain.

Get this, I even brought it with me here to Kuwait (deployment), just to pull out and reminisce.

Thanks for the great site!

Jon K said...

Wow, what a set of memories this one brought back for you!

Honestly, the cover of the day is completely randomized (as well as already been pre-scheduled about a year ago), so I guess you're just lucky!