Friday, July 24, 2009

Marvel World Adventure Playset!


This Amsco toy is one of the most awesome things produced in the 1970s, IMHO... as you can see, it's a playset made on the cheap side -- it's all cardboard figure and buildings that you'd punch out and assemble, but you had everything you needed to play Marvel New York! You had the Baxter Building, Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, the Daily Bugle, vehicles, and more!

I used to have this, and I have no idea for sure what happened to it... although I'm guessing something fell on it and crushed it, and I decided to just throw it away, sadly... these things go for big bucks now!


jeff edwards said...

I thought I had this set as a child,however I remember there being an abomination among the villians. was there another playset?

Jon K said...

There was a similar kind of playset that featured Spidey and the Hulk that the Abomination could've well been part of.