Monday, May 11, 2009

Mego World's Greatest Super-Heroes Poster!


Have I posted this promo poster for the Mego 8" Action figures line here before? Or was that on a different blog?


Doug said...

Jon --

Just discovered your blog and am having a blast looking through it. Wanted to show you a story I wrote about my Mego experiences as a kid.

Take care,


Jon K said...

Thanks, Doug! I've checked out your blog, and really like it! I'll be adding it to my linklist on the Random Acts of Geekery in the near future, and will start checking it out regularlly!

Rene said...

Do you happen to know where I can purchase this poster or the other Mego 8" Super-Heroes Worlds Greatest Toy poster? It is perfect for decorating my boys' play room!!

Jon K said...

I'm sure it would be, Rene... but it would probably be pricey! Your best bet to find them would be to look on eBay.