Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome to Fantastic Four Stuff!

And welcome to yet another one of my many blogs! And like all the other new ones I've started since November, this is a more focused blog than "Random Acts of Geekery" -- it's all Fantastic Four stuff, all the time! Every day, I'll post an image of something FF-related... it could be a toy, poster, original artwork, comic book ad... so long as it's related to the Fantastic Four, it could be here! Plus the comic book cover of the day (at least until those run out)! I may even throw in a video or two here and there! And it will pretty much be all "Old School" FF - 1960s and 1970s, with the occasional 1980s item thrown in!


And for the first post, I present the Golden Records adaptation of Fantastic Four #1! This album, as you can see, came with a reprint of FF #1, and is a dramatization of the story, with sound effects and so forth! What's the most bizarre thing about these records is that all the sound effects that were lettered in the story were actually spoken by someone, with an echo effect. So, when the cosmic rays hit the spacecraft, you hear the voice saying "Rak-Tak-Tak!"

Unfortunately, I have yet to find any website or blog that has an MP3 of this album available for download...

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