Friday, April 3, 2009

Cover of the Day: Strange Tales 128!


As you may know, the Human Torch was spun out of the FF to star in solo stories in Strange Tales. Apparently Stan Lee thought he would be the breakout character! But the Torch wasn't enough, and the Thing was added into the mix. The feature lasted quite a while, all things considered! For a while, it was the Thing & Torch plus the Doc Strange story... but then change was in the wind, and Nick Fury took over their spot with the new SHIELD feature!

All the Torch and Thing stories are in The Essential Human Torch Vol. 1, so far as I know!

In the 70s, Marvel would try again, first with Marvel Team-Up (which seems to have been intended to trade off between Spider-Man and the Torch headlining), and then again with Marvel Two-In-One, teaming the Thing with other heroes!

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